Recent Projects


Successfully launched the premium villa township-Auric Villas at Jaisinghpura in joint venture with SSG Group.
Provided marketing and branding services to the Niranjana Group for their flagship and mega project Pragati City at Kishangarh,Rajasthan.
Provided business consultancy and launched the first mega group housing project-Royal Palm of 700 premium luxurious apartment at Aknoor road, Jammu of RSG group.
Provided services as corporate consultant to real estate biggie UDB Group. His deep understanding of marketing strategies, innovation and designing help him meddle with all aspects of the project as well.
He has also conceptualized a business model for Mumbai based Nimbark Fashions Limited for launching a new agency for establishing business alliance, all possible solution for business sale / purchase , merger & acquisition for small and medium enterprises globally by the name of – Expanza Access Limited. This firm facilitates successful ventures by catalyzing joint ventures. This project has been duly validated by leading research and credit agency AC Nielson and is running successfully.

Launched two mega projects for ARG Group, a premier real estate developer . The marketing skills prevailed and both the projects sailed through the rough sea to write unexpected success saga. The commercial complex North Avenue on Sikar Road turned the business flow of the city to north while the Successful launch of economy housing units in ARGpuram on a weak location in Jaipur and that too in a recessionary phase, the launch stormed the city.

The residential project “ARGpuram” fulfilled the housing dreams of those who just thought they have missed the bus. However his biggest achievement with ARG Group was the remodeling of ARG’s mega project Corporate Park. He thought that the architecture of Corporate Park was not in consonance with the theme of the project. He intervened and came out with outstanding architectural concept, which made Corporate Park a state of art office & retail complex in terms of architecture and designing. Despite being not responsible for the lay out and design but he just waded into it with complete perfection.

Launched World Trade Park in 2005, which was one of the first and the stiffest challenges for him. The task was difficult. But when going gets tough- tough gets going. Accepting the challenge and went on to write success story with this unknown project to mega historical launch and success of World Trade Park, a project of more than 800 crores. The commercial venture soon became the most post address of Rajasthan’s business community. He positioned the mega venture such that all the leading business houses lined up to book an office space in this trade tower.

Explored global market for a medical devices manufacturer company – Corporate Channels Pvt limited, Udaipur. A company owned by a IIT , IIM professional , this exposed him to the global market. He learnt the robes of projecting and marketing a relatively new product in a challenging international market. The project was a success.