When you choose you DLS India become part of our family.

At DLS we bring you the best Alkaline water. We started this family business to bring all the benefits of Alkaline water direct to our community. As a family, we've been drinking Alkaline water for many years and have seen the positive effects happen directly to us and we want to share these life changing benefits with you. To bring you these benefits we offer Alkaline Water Delivery plans for homes, offices, and all your special event needs.

We take care of your water needs!

We provide the added value of health, safety and clean water to your home! The foundation of a great quality of life.

We are Refreshing alkaline & purified water at your fingertips

Here at the Water Haus, we are proud to sell fresh, clean water in a sustainable way. Regular tap water can contain all kinds of things, from bacteria and viruses to Arsenic and other chemicals – knowing what exactly is going into your body is more important than ever!

  • Water you can feel good about
  • Overall wellness benefits.
  • Regulating body temperature