We are DLS India, We are Wellness Solutions

DLS is a group of companies known as The Divine Life Sciences.

DLS is established on 17th of June 2022 and it's head office is situated at Zirakpur in Punjab (India).

DLS is committed to provide opportunities in different business sectors and to establish itself as the best brand in the market by its superior products and services.

In line with this, DLS has started with the grand launch of its first brand d9 Alkaline Water.

Our Mission

The mission of DLS through this platform is to provide good health and an opportunity for earning wealth to every family. We are making this possible through our fantastic brand D9 because today every person is becoming conscious about his health. DLS has chosen this particular field as it could never going to end. Along with good health, we also provide unique opportunity to the people to strengthen their financial status.

DLS is going to set up its huge plant in 5000 sq. ft. area in coming few months by which employment will also be created along with pure water. Every person joining us will not only drink good and healthy water but he will also earn good money by doing business with us.

We want to make our country healthy and prosperous.

Our Vision

The vision of DLS is to ensure availability of its brand D9 in majority of the people across the country and to make their families healthy by providing energized pure alkaline water.

Many diseases are arising today due to not drinking of the appropriate water. We have to minimize the risk of diseases through our high quality d9 alkaline water. We are going to take this campaign to each and every corner of the whole country, for which we have to make every family aware by using social media, print media and door to door campaigning.

Quality Products and Outstanding Customer Service

Here at the Water Haus, we are proud to sell fresh, clean water in a sustainable way. Regular tap water can contain all kinds of things, from bacteria and Divine Life Science is committed to providing customers with quality products and outstanding customer service, Divine Life Science offers Purified and Alkaline bottled water delivery services to homes and offices.

In addition to Alakline water delivery, Divine Life Science provides the following quality bottled water products and services for home and office:

  • Electric bottled water coolers & Non Electric dispensers
  • Single-serve water-bottles
  • Water filtration service

Divine Life Science believes in a tradition of giving back to the local communities it serves, from fitness, education and direct community involvement as the official bottled water of the Antelope Valley FAIR, Divine Life Science is the preferred local choice at home, at work or at play.